02 Mar

Eyelash extensions can look beautiful, but can also be quite costly. Many people opt for lower quality eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions do not last very long, even when applied at a professionally done procedure. So before you get ready to pay thousands of dollars to have your eyelash extensions done professionally, take a few minutes to learn more about eyelash extensions. Many of the best eyelash extensions are made from a synthetic polymer called PBT; if you are interested in learning the tips to help you when choosing eyelash extension supplies, keep reading this article.

One of the most popular and most important of all eyelash extension supplies is the eyelash tweezers. Eyelash tweezers come in several styles and sizes to help you apply the extensions easily and gently. The majority of tweezers designed for eyelash extensions have an external plastic tip that helps draw the extensions out smoothly. You will need a large tweezers in order to apply enough volume to make your eyes look beautiful and lengthen your lashes.

Another popular eye pad accessory that you might want to purchase are eye pads. Eye pads are used to keep the glue from running into your eyes while you are applying your eyelash extensions. If the glue does run into your eyes it can cause major irritation and possible eye infections. Therefore, eye pads are one of the most important of all eyelash extension supplies that you will need.

One other essential of the eyelash extension supplies that you should definitely invest in are the eyelash adhesive kits. These kits contain everything that you need in order to complete the entire process. They will usually include a tube of eyelash adhesive, tweezers, mascara, and of course the glue. All of these items will be necessary when applying and maintaining your beautiful lashes. The glue, especially, should be a slow drying time, because it is used to hold the eyelash extensions in place and to give them the ability to be applied in a proper fashion.

In addition to the different types of eyelash extensions supplies that your salon may offer, you may also want to purchase the proper eyelash adhesive remover for your customer. This product should be gentle to the skin, but still strong enough to keep the clients away from irritation. This is important because most people who apply extensions do so with very irritated skin. The remover should have a mild scent and a label that clearly state that it is for sensitive skin. If you notice any kind of irritation after using the remover then you should consult your clients about their specific needs.

Finally, if you plan on making these artificial eyelash extensions on your own, then you need to know about supplies made specifically for this process. These special kits are designed specifically to keep the glue and all other materials from seeping out and staining the hair. Many of these kits are for use by professional makeup artists, but they can also be purchased for use by the average woman that wants to try her hand at making these lashes. They are especially helpful because all of the glue, remover, and applicator components are included in one small container. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:  https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyelash.

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